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Bridging the Generational Gap at a Glance

Established during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bridging the Generational Gap works together with youth volunteers to serve senior citizens and care home residents across Canada.

We recognize the implications of social distancing on mental health, especially for the elderly who may be taking extra precautions. Our mission is to facilitate meaningful intergenerational relationships between seniors and young members of the community through safe remote platforms. We aim to promote a sense of social connectedness during what can be a very lonely time. 

About Us: Who We Are

Sheena, Lifestyle Consultant at Royale Place Retirement Residence

"Royale Place has been piloting remote volunteer opportunities over the last couple months with the currently COVID-19 restrictions and were very pleased to partner with Bridging the Generational Gap. This organization/service was able to meet all of my requests and pair volunteers with residents in both group setting and 1:1 setting. The volunteers have been extremely professional and reliable and I would highly recommend their services to any retirement community. The residents who participate have been very pleased for the volunteer companionship and programs."

About Us: News

Volunteer Programs

Our team is constantly working with our care home and community senior group partners across Ontario (Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Kingston, Thunder Bay) and Quebec (island of Montreal) to provide more opportunities for our enthusiastic volunteers to connect with senior citizens across Canada. Learn more about what we do to help promote positive change and how you can get involved today.

Remote Senior Companion Program

Volunteers (18+ years old) will have the opportunity to develop meaningful connections with seniors remotely, through weekly video or phone calls. We offer both 1-on-1 and group interactions.

Possible activities include: 

  • friendly conversation

  • group reminiscence circles

  • musical performance

  • leading art projects and crafts

  • leading trivia and games

  • anything else you are passionate about!

Card Making for Seniors Program

Volunteers (all ages) create uplifting cards that our team will distribute to seniors across the Greater Toronto Area to help brighten their day and let them know that our volunteers are thinking about them during these uncertain times. 

You could write a short paragraph about yourself and your hobbies or interests, poems, crossword puzzles, riddles, and more! The cards can be decorated with colourful images and designs, glitter, ribbons, pull-tabs, or 3D pop-ups. The possibilities are endless! 

About Us: What We Do

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